i.S was established in 2009 as architecture office and art organization with a simple focus to design and create to improve the communities we live in.   i.S has currently three sectors within the organization.


Architecture i.S as the architecture office specializes in researched based architectural design that strives to engage architecture with occupants of the space to promote interaction, wellness and health.

H'i.S as the non-profit sector of the organization was established to support local and greater communities in need. H'iS is devoted to non-profit community outreach Architecture Projects.

iSpresso has been established in 2013 to support the local and greater, architecture, art & design community by providing gallery exhibit spaces and coffee shop setting work space, serving high quality organic, fair trade coffee. iSpresso also sponsors art markets where local artist, designers can sell their artwork and handmade products. Crowd funded non-profit community projects are exercised to help low income communities in need.